In the Field

Fieldcraft exercises vary widely and each places emphasis on different aspects of how to survive and conduct yourself in the field. Many involve two teams being pitted against each other. You and your team might need to move quietly, avoiding detection as you sneak upon an 'enemy' installation. Sound easy? Think again. Speed might also be a big factor of your success. Do you risk exposing your position at the cost of achieving your objective more quickly? Decisions like these are challenging and need to be made 'on-the-fly'.

A massive advantage of fieldcraft exercises is that they force you to use your own initiative, sometimes affecting your teammates. What would happen if the commanders of your team ‘went down’? Would you take control?

If you have natural leadership qualities, they'll definitely show themselves here.


Every year the Squadron runs a weekend fieldcraft exercise. This supplements the training at the squadron HQ, allowing the cadets to put their skills into practice.

Over the weekend the cadets are self-sufficient, making shelters (known as bashas), and cooking in the field using military ration packs.

They also have a series of tasks to complete as teams, all based on testing their fieldcraft skills, teamwork and leadership.

For those looking for further experiences similar weekend and weeklong camps are run by the Wing. The ultimate fieldcraft related activity is the Corps run Junior Leaders Course, where fieldcraft is used to develop leadership skills. This is run over a number of weekends for senior cadets.